The Lowdown on Vegan Butter: A Delicious and Healthy Alternative

australian vegan butter

What is Vegan Butter?

Vegan butter, also known as plant-based butter, is a dairy-free alternative made from plant-derived oils. It’s designed to mimic the taste, texture, and functionality of traditional butter, but without the animal products. Vegan butter can be made from a variety of oils, including coconut, almond, olive, and avocado oil, among others.

How is Vegan Butter Different from Regular Butter?

The main difference between vegan butter and regular butter is the source of the ingredients. Regular butter is made from animal milk (usually cow’s milk), whereas vegan butter is made from plant-based oils. This makes vegan butter a great option for those following a plant-based diet, lactose intolerant individuals, or anyone looking to reduce their animal product consumption.

Why Do Vegans Love Vegan Butter?

Vegans love vegan butter because it allows them to enjoy their favorite recipes and dishes without compromising their dietary beliefs. Vegan butter is also a great way to add flavor and moisture to food without the need for dairy. Plus, many vegan butters are fortified with additional nutrients like vitamins and minerals, making them a healthier alternative.

Why is Vegan Butter Better for Health?

Vegan butter is generally considered a healthier option than regular butter for several reasons:

1. Lower Saturated Fat Content:

Vegan butter tends to have lower levels of saturated fats, which can help reduce cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease.

2. Higher in Healthy Fats

Vegan butter is often rich in healthy fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which can help lower bad cholesterol and improve overall heart health.

3. Cholesterol-Free

Vegan butter is naturally cholesterol-free, making it a great option for those with high cholesterol or heart health concerns.

4. Fortified with Nutrients

Many vegan butters are fortified with additional nutrients like vitamins and minerals, making them a nutritious addition to your diet.

Vegan Butter Options in Australia

Here are some popular vegan butter options available in Australia, along with their prices and reviews:

1. Biscoff Cookie Butter Spread

I bet you thought we’d go for the low hanging fruit and rattle off the standard vegan butters. We may later but at the top of this list is the thoroughly delicious, biscuity, caramely, oh my word I am eating the whole tub – BISCOFF. If you haven’t had this vegan-friendly spread yet then you’re life is, quite frankly, incomplete. We were in Coles the other day and the Biscoff shelf was sold out with the printed sign saying they were ordering more. People are obsessed. And for good reason. Non GMO, RSPO Certified Palm Oil, No Artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Vegan friendly. Does not contain nuts. And it’s made in Belgium in a nut free facility. Belgium knows where it’s at when it comes to yummy stuff. That is scientific fact. To think we presumed that this stuff wasn’t vegan-friendly. So wrong. And it is so right.

2. Nuttlex Vegan Butter (approx. $4-$6)

Nuttelex Buttery is the top choice for those who crave the taste of butter but seek a healthier alternative. It’s perfect for adding a dollop to your vegetables, spreading on toast, or enhancing traditional butter-based recipes without the dairy, lactose, and cholesterol found in regular butter.

* Available at most supermarkets and online retailers

* 4-star rating on Amazon Australia

3. Honest to Goodness Organic Canadian Maple Butter 250 g. CoYo Vegan Butter (approx. $8-$10)

We really got distracted on the yummy alternatives to plain butter. Sorry about that. Although most vegans know about Nuttelex and if you don’t, welcome to the party. And as a side party, behold the sweet deliciousness of canadian Maple Butter. It has high reviews on Amazon.

If you choose to try Organic Maple Butter because we put it here, we may earn a small commission from Amazon that doesn’t cost you anything. Keeps our blogging activities rolling.

4. Naturli Vegan Butter

Where to buy? Ordinarily you could head on down to IGA and it would yield this VERY popular Vegan Butter by Naturli. It sells out quickly though and it seems according to this here internet that it is as rare as hen’s teeth. Woollies has it but currently has no stock. IGA visits are hit and miss. There are a couple of private sellers but there is no promises you’ll be able to get it. Naturli vegan butter has become a hot property.

Food just isn’t the same without butter, so we have produced an alternative for everyone who eats plant-based food. 100% plant-based Naturli’ Organic Spreadable, which tastes the way it should. Melt over warm sweetcorn, use for baking, in your pasta, to fry with, spread it on your bread, add it to sauces and to vegetables. Spreadable will never be the same again.



Vegan butter is a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional butter, making it a great option for vegans and non-vegans alike. With its lower saturated fat content, higher levels of healthy fats, and fortified nutrients, vegan butter is a nutritious addition to any diet. So go ahead, give vegan butter a try, and enjoy the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle